Rap Tapes From the Y.A.B.

'90s rap tapes from Yokota (and beyond)

tank, rein, and tiger rapping in fron of some clothing store! 

DJ Skillz Zama Session with Rein, Tank, Unigy and Others

Crazy FIP tape uploads from Alex “DJ Loco Nino” Smith

Alex has been killing the FIP tape jams over at http://soundcloud.com/fip6916

Peep that shit.

He also wrote this bio:

Original Group Members in 
Chronological Order of the “Original FIP”

TJ - T-Man aka Tankaray Pimp 
Alex - DJ Loco Nino aka DJ Lexx/Agent Smith 
Trey - Shilo Wrecka aka Ru-Dawg 
Fred - Stray Dogg 
O’Shawn - Scoob G 
Nate - Groove Dawg 
Tabari - Q aka Weegie 
Reiner - Rein the Conducta

Hip Hop Group slash Entourage of talented MCs and Singers who dominated the hip hop community in Japan from 1994-1996. Coming to Japan from all over the world and United States the flavor of hip hop diversity was broad. Living in Japan their influences came from reading The Source and going to Tower Records in Japan and just picking up any and all hip hop music. No true tie to one genre of Hip Hop is what set them up for success and having two MCs who could also sing (yes we did it before Ja Rule & Drake). Due to being all part of military families the group broke up from families relocating, their are still 4 members today making music together Rein, TJ, Trey, and Alex

In 1994 2 teenagers (TJ & Alex) growing up over seas in little island known to the rest of the world as Japan set on a quest to win a talent show. From a little apartment these 14 year old wanna be hip hop group blew the judges at the audition. So much in fact they caught the eye of two other aspiring MCs (Oshawn & Willie) to join after watching the audition. After killing it at the talent show TJ & Alex went back to the studio and kept making history. That summer a short MC/Singer (Trey) showed up, TJ being the confident man he is invited him to 4H Studios for some battles and to show him what we were doing. After that crazy night of pink lemonade, zebra cakes, and frozen chicken chimichanga burritos, Far East Playas (FEP) was born!

By the end of the summer the group had evolved from the original 3 members to add another MC/Beat boxer Fred who was always a part of the entourage but after throwing some killer beat boxing. And returning to the group after performing with them in the talent show was MC/Singer O’Shawn. Aspiring to be the biggest group not just in their area but the entire country of Japan they started booking shows with the help of a Manager Nate. Nate later had to fill a spot in a music talent show case due to TJ not being able to go, doing such a great job Nate was not only the manager but also an MC talent/Producer for the group as well triple threat. Tabari came joined later on from a crazy freestyle he spit in a cipher that was a combination of E40 and Off tempo rhyming. An honorary member of the group who pushed them not just being a member, but from originally being part of another local group Phonetics, Reiner was the driving force to keep the group active even when members would have to leave due to families being relocated.

This group traveled all over Japan playing shows in Roppongi, Yokohama, Tokyo, Shibuya, and Shinjuku. Starting off in local small venues by the time the group his its peak was asked to open up for TLC, Lost Boys, Soul 4 Real, Dove Shack, The Twinz, DJ Rectangle, and historical Funk Group CAMEO.

Today TJ and Trey keep the name alive of the two man group FIP Click reconnecting with another member of a local group from Japan Phonetics Seppe. Seppe is making 90% of all beats FIP Click uses now keeping it all in the YOKOTA Family. Just recently reconnected with another member Alex who is going to the drivers seat and help them take another run for the title. Reiner is part of Western Goodz and Con Men but will still always be a member of the FIP Click and will continue to be a driving force to ensure its longevity and success.

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Performed in Yokohama

T-Man vs. Ru-Dawg Freestyle